Jetas FAQ’s

Where does Jetas charter?

Jetas is based at KHPN, Westchester County, New York airport, just outside of New York City. However, our fleet is constantly moving all around the USA. Jetas travel specialists can help you with domestic and international, whether on short notice or planned months in advance. Please call or email us today for a quote.

How do I hire Jetas?

Current aircraft owners and potential buyers or sellers can contract with Jetas for our services. Jetas can help sell your asset for top dollar. All sales are through Jetas; we do not contract the sale out to another brokerage company. Jetas can also act as your buyers agent when its time to purchase an airplane. Jetas is the premier 135 management company based at KHPN. Our certificate allows us to operate single engine pistons to heavy ultra long range cabin jets, such as Gulfstream and Global Express.

What is the best jet for me?

As a good rule of thumb, check if your travel needs require at least 200 hours of aircraft usage per year. If you meet or come close to that threshold, owning an airplane may make sense for you over chartering an aircraft. The best plane for your mission may vary from a single engine turbo prop up to a mid, super mid, or heavy jet. A free consultation with the team at Jetas will help you identify the best airplane for your mission and your budget.

What does training entail?

Jetas is not a flight school, but we do offer opportunities for pilots of light jets and turbo prop aircraft to receive training and mentorship.