Jetas professionals are here to guide and consult about aircraft sales, ownership and certification – we are not brokers. When partnering with Jetas, our demanding clientele becomes accustomed to a carefully tailored experience. We start by understanding your individual needs and wants, and we custom-build a program to suit your objectives perfectly.

Jetas was created by Shane Reynolds and co-founder Michael Siegel, two lifelong aviation professionals, entrepreneurs and pilots.

Shane Reynolds is a graduate of Purdue University’s prestigious Aviation program and has extensive experience in the world of corporate flying, aircraft sales, management, and flight department operations. He has managed the flight departments for multiple corporations as well as flown for many high-net-worth individuals and hedge funds.

Michael Siegel is a graduate of Drake University and offers 15 years of experience in the aviation industry. He’s held the roles of CEO, COO, Director of Operations, and Chief Pilot, and currently holds an Air Transport Pilot certificate, as well as a Gold Seal  Flight Instructor Certificate.

With the help of an exceptional and highly motivated Jetas team, Shane and Michael are committed to providing customers the best aviation solutions and experiences in the industry.